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There will be a 6-week Small Group series “Gathering in Communion” this Lent for existing and new Small Group communities. Groups are 5-10 people who meet for hospitality, prayer and discussion.

Interested in leading a group?

You are invited to participate as a facilitator for a group or to host a group. This is a wonderful opportunity to bring “Church into the home.” No special knowledge or extensive training needed. Facilitators simply keep the conversation on track and hosts coordinate hospitality.

Existing and newly forming Small Groups can participate.

Leaders and potential leaders are invited to Training and Q&A Wednesday February 15th at 7pm in the new hall. Please RSVP to Kieran Connolly via email or (503) 707 1091.



Small Group 101

Please contact Kieran Connolly via email or (503) 707 1091 for more information.

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